The "Keep It Simple" Portfolio

How well can a simple portfolio composed of the SP500, Bitcoin and Ethereum perform in the next five years? We are about to find out! Capital deployed on May 16, 2022. Go over here for the original idea.

Current state

Updated November 02, 2022

It has been a month already and Bitcoin has gone nowhere. The entire direction of this market hinges on how fast the Fed can get unemployment to rise.

A global recession is as likely as it gets.

We have $120k in cash to spend on a dip:

  • For Bitcoin that would be at $15k.
  • For the SP500 that would be at 3,200.


The Keep it Simple Portfolio
Current composition and performance
SP500 SPY −3.8% 42.7% −$15,171 $384,829 998.00
Bitcoin BTC −31.4% 15.2% −$62,750 $137,250 6.70
Ethereum ETH −8.6% 24.3% −$20,708 $219,292 138.88
Cash USD −20.0% 17.8% −$40,000 $160,000 160000.00
Portfolio −9.86% −$98,630 $901,370
Notes: updated November 02, 2022 based on total performance since May 16, 2022
By: @ecoinometrics,

Bitcoin and especially Ethereum are making a comeback ahead of the merge. But is that sustainable in this macro environment. Probably not.

At this point it isn't clear whether or not we'll have another leg down. If that ever happens we'll deploy the rest of our cash. Otherwise we'll use it for a momentum play.

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