The "Keep It Simple" Portfolio

How well can a simple portfolio composed of the SP500, Bitcoin and Ethereum perform in the next five years? We are about to find out! Capital deployed on May 16, 2022. Go over here for the original idea.

Current state

Updated July 01, 2022

There is no reason to see a rally any time soon. Things will only get worst until we are a peak QT. Everything started to slide again yesterday, our Bitcoin entry point is getting closer.

The Keep it Simple Portfolio
Current composition and performance
SP500 SPY −5.6% 46.2% −$22,219 $377,781 998.00
Bitcoin BTC −33.7% 16.2% −$67,442 $132,558 6.70
Ethereum ETH −38.2% 18.1% −$91,773 $148,227 138.88
Cash USD −20.0% 19.5% −$40,000 $160,000 160000.00
Portfolio −18.14% −$221,435 $818,565
Notes: updated July 01, 2022 based on total performance since May 16, 2022
By: @ecoinometrics,

At this rate we'll revisit the bottom of our performance (-20%) pretty soon.

That's fine, we are sitting on some cash to deploy during the next leg down.

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