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A Simple Portfolio
đź’ˇHow well can a simple portfolio composed of the SP500, Bitcoin and Ethereum perform in the next five years? We are about to find out. Deploying capital today. Updated daily after that.Subscribe to the newsletter to keep track of where this portfolio is going and understand digital assets through
Notable Bitcoin Hodlers
Bitcoin is held by a wide variety of people and institutions. The vast majority of them remain mostly anonymous. But increasingly Bitcoin is held as a treasury asset by public companies, private companies or various decentralized protocols. The following charts show you who are the notable Bitcoin…

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The Bitcoin Miners: Cheap or Not
Are the Bitcoin miners cheap or expensive relative to Bitcoin? A daily updated dashboard.
Bitcoin On-chain Accumulation
On-chain data isn’t the holy grail when it comes to forecasting where Bitcoin is going in the short term. That being said, it does contain a lot of information about the long term trend. In here we focus on the hodlers tendency to accumulate and distribute coins. Breaking down Bitcoin
Bitcoin drawdowns on-chain
Navigate the landscape of digital assets and macroeconomics with investment strategies backed by data.
Bitcoin Signals
Understand Bitcoin and digital assets through the macro lens.