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Let‘s get one thing perfectly clear: I don’t have a crystal ball that predicts with perfect accuracy where the market is going.

If you are looking for someone to read you TA patterns on a Bitcoin chart then stop reading.

If you came here to find a special model which can tell you exactly where Bitcoin’s price will be in 6 months then move along.

Navigating the financial markets is hard. If you acknowledge that and come to term with the fact that there is no magic recipe to win every single trade then you are already better prepared than 99% of the investors out there.

In today’s world everyone has access to everything. You want to trade based on satellite images, you can get them. You want to trade based on the latest on-chain data, you can do that too. Hundreds of metrics, hundreds of indicators, if you are looking for something .

But more data doesn’t mean more signal. For the most part it just means more noise.

What data should I trust? Where is the signal among all this noise? How can I use all those metrics to improve my investment strategy?

If you are a serious investor you must be wondering about all that. I do for sure.

This is why I started Ecoinometrics. To extract the signal from the noise. To separate what matters from what doesn’t. To understand what really drives the market. To share with you my journey into becoming a better investor in the space of digital assets.

Over the years I realized three things.

First, there is a real edge in understanding how digital assets fit inside the macro landscape.

Big gains don’t come from scalping small moves. Big gains come from anticipating the big trends. The big trends are rooted in macro economics. Conclusion, learn macro.

Second, carrying simple statistical analysis of any data you plan to use for investing goes a long way.

Sometimes you’d think incorporating one more metric to trade on would give you an edge before you realize it contains no real signal. Or you figure out that the data should actually be used differently than what you first thought. Most investors don’t do that and just rely on guesswork. Learn basic stats and be miles ahead from other investors.

Third, you are never done learning.

There is a big difference between being confident in your analysis and being too lazy to incorporate new facts. Keeping an open mind will let you find opportunities where others aren’t looking.

Those three ideas are the guiding principles behind everything you read on Ecoinometrics.

A macro-first analysis of the market. Visualizations that allow you to clearly understand what information lies in the data. A constant exploration of new topics that might give us an edge against other investors.

I’m not a stock picker. I’m not going to tell you when to buy or sell some alt coin. My goal is to serve as your guide to Bitcoin and digital assets through the macro lens. I analyze the data, try to digest the news and give you nuanced takes that you can use to execute your own investment strategy.

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